Seb Dalgarno



Seb Dalgarno M.Sc., is a computational biologist with four years experience programming in R.


Seb has a degree in Forest Conservation from University of Toronto and a M.Sc. in Geography from University of Guelph.


Prior to joining Poisson Consulting in 2017, Seb worked as a freelance consultant conducting statistical analysis, GIS and data visualization for clients including Parks Canada, MFLRNO, and Gowgaia Institute. He also spent two years as a research intern for Wildlife Conversation Society in Manus Island, Papua New Guinea.


Seb’s areas of expertise include:

  1. Analysis and manipulation of spatial data using R
    • he is the top user of the sf tag on StackOverflow
  2. Development of Shiny web apps to interactively analyse, map and plot data
  3. Design and management of SQLite databases including interfaces


He is the (co)developer of seven R packages on the Poisson drat site, and developer of 15 Shiny apps including ones to interactively view Tide Predictions and Fish Movement.


Arihafa, Arison, Sebastian Dalgarno, and Ezra Neale. 2015. “An Estimate of Above-Ground Carbon Stock in Tropical Rainforest on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea.” Pacific Conservation Biology 21 (4): 307.

Dalgarno, Sebastian, Janet E. Mersey, Ze’ev Gedalof, and Moira Lemon. 2017. “Species-Environment Associations and Predicted Distribution of Black Oystercatcher Breeding Pairs in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada.” Avian Conservation and Ecology 12 (2).