Dr. Joseph Thorley



Dr. Joseph Thorley R.P.Bio., is a computational biologist who mostly works on fish populations but also analyses morphological, hydrological, paleontological, medical, genetic, water quality and wildlife data.


Joseph has an honours degree in Biological Sciences from Oxford University and a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology from Bristol University. His Ph.D. was supervised by Dr. Mark Wilkinson.


Prior to forming Poisson Consulting in 2007, Dr. Thorley worked for the Scottish Executive as a fisheries biologist for three years.


Joe performs statistical analysis using both Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian inference. He teaches an introductory course on Bayesian analysis and maintains the R packages tmbr to facilitate Maximum Likelihood analysis using TMB and jmbr to facilitate Bayesian analysis using JAGS.

Online examples of his analyses include trout indexing and spawning on the Columbia River, recruitment on the Lardeau River and survival in Quesnel Lake.


He is the (co)developer of over 40 R packages including rpdo and rtide on CRAN and ssdca and wqbc on GitHub as well as a codeveloper of the RadCon C++ program.


Joe’s publications include over 50 professional reports and 20 peer-reviewed journal articles.

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