Evan Amies-Galonski



Evan Amies-Galonski is a junior computational biologist specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


Evan has an Advanced Diploma in GIS from Selkirk College in Castlegar, BC.


Prior to joining Poisson Consulting in 2018, Evan spent several years working in forestry on Haida Gwaii, primarily carrying out GPS data collection and riparian assesments of upland streams and fish habitat. He has also worked as a Drone operator for Selkirk College, carrying out drone surveys, as well as processing and analyzing spatial data.


Evan is experienced in data management and manipulation with R, advanced spatial analysis, remote sensing analysis, and python programming.


Evan developed a python script for an NGO in Alberta, designed to automatedly analyse geospatial data, and determine which land parcels have the highest conservation value for a given area of interest.